It’s “later”, NOW!


Some people use that term as a way to explain away their laziness. For others, it’s a legitimate reason for things not getting done. Is it a GOOD reason? No, but it’s legitimate because people do it. It’s not tangible, but it’s not an imaginary thing.

Why didn’t we get our finances in order sooner? We procrastinated.

I have said for years that I would get my finances under control. Yet, for some strange reason I couldn’t seem to create a budget and stick to it. I kept saying to myself that I would do it later, while in the meantime I’d watch my overdraft fees hit my bank account every month and I’d ignore phone calls that I knew were from bill collectors.

Well…it’s “later” NOW, people.

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get their finances in order is because they simply don’t take the time to break down their finances and work out a plan. It takes a lot of work to really go through your weekly/monthly financial details with a fine tooth comb.

People are afraid of the truth, as was the case with me. I didn’t want to see a negative number staring at me in the face on an Excel spreadsheet, yet I was somehow okay with seeing that negative balance whenever I signed into my online banking. Even though I was in overdraft, I still saw that there were funds available for me to use. It just didn’t compute.

“I’ll get back to a zero balance later.”

And when it comes to budgeting, it’s not simply a matter of saying, “I’ll spend this much on these things because I get paid this much”. If this is to really work, you need to take into account every little detail. Keep receipts of everything you spend money on so you can find out where your money is actually going.

“I’ll keep my receipts later.”

And creating a budget itself takes time. You think you’re done, but then you remember three or four other things that need to be added. Toiletries, oil changes, clothes, pet food…little things that don’t seem like they’d add up to much on the surface, but until you know exactly how much you’re spending on everything they’re more added expenses that you didn’t budget for.

“I’ll add them to my budget later.”

No…now is the time. You’re reading this because (a) you’re in a similar situation and you want to see if this new way of fiscal planning can work for you, (b) you’re interested in finding new ways to save money, or (c) you want to be inspired.

Stop procrastinating. Have that conversation with your significant other. Use the extra hour or two it might take to really build a budget that’s realistic and obtainable. Stop being content with simply getting by when you know you can do better.

It’s “later”, NOW…and I, for one, am glad that I’ve stopped the procrastination cycle. Financial freedom, here we come!



2 thoughts on “It’s “later”, NOW!

  1. Yep. This sound vaguely familiar. 😉

    I am a maniac about expenses and bills and paychecks – especially working for myself. My guy is like you. He just doesn’t want to look at it at all. It does take time and patience and I’m proud of you for trying. I hope you get past the irritation of a new habit and see that it’s helping.


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