A Little More About Those Combined Finances….

I’ve held joint bank accounts with a few different people that I’ve been in relationships with over the course of my life.

Full disclosure: My ex husband and I actually still share a joint bank account, that we use to transfer money to one another on occasion. I’m actually going to be closing that bank account down soon. I’ll be discussing my finances with my ex husband eventually, but that’s another blog post for another day.

(Man, when did life get so complicated??)

In any case, opening a joint bank account with Todd wasn’t that much of a big deal to me, since it was something that I’d done before. He and I actually previously had a savings account together, when we were saving up for the wedding, but after the wedding ended up shutting it down.

When we made the decision to combine finances, we decided that I would have Todd added to my bank account, and we would use that going forward for everything. I’m currently a happy banker with President’s Choice Financial, mainly for the lack of bank fees and the free groceries. Score!

He was actually a little nervous going in to get this done, since this was all new territory for him (our previous joint savings account notwithstanding). In fact, I daresay that he was more nervous about getting that joint bank account than getting married. This is all unchartered territory for my lovely husband, as he has never before had complete financial transparency with someone he was in a relationship with.


So that’s kind of big step. I mean, he’s been married before, for goodness’ sake, so he knows what that’s all about. But full financial transparency? THAT is the scary stuff. For both of us, really. Because now I’m no longer going to be able to hide the depths of my coffee addiction, or my thrift store shopping habits.

And truth be told, we actually had to sign more paperwork for that bank account than we did when got married.

What’s up with THAT? I guess when you stop to think about it, getting a divorce is actually a whole lot less complicated than untangling yourself financially from someone else. Still.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “A Little More About Those Combined Finances….

  1. Yeah, that’s a big step. Ben will readily admit that he is in no way interested in full financial transparency with me. In fact, he will tell me that he feels guilty about the amount of money he spends but doesn’t want to tell me how much. At this point, I’m like, “Hey, it’s your money and it’s your stress.” I no longer worry about him because somehow, someway, he ALWAYS lands on his feet. He’s like a damn cat that way…

    So all that to say, good luck! This is huge but will benefit all of you in the long run. This is how my ex-husband and I got out of debt when we were married.


    • When we were living in separate cities, maintaining separate households, it was way easier to have an attitude of, “This is none of my business” when it came to the other person’s financial life. Being married and living in the same house has changed that for us.


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