Breadmaker, Schreadmaker

I’m sure many of you remember my back-and-forth struggle about my bread maker. I purchased one — on sale! — determined to use it to make bread and other tasty treats for my family.

And then, after the dang thing sat in the box for several weeks, I made the decision to return it. Since, well, a good deal on a bread maker means zilch if you’re not actually going to use it.

I’ve made bread from scratch only a handful of times in my life with moderate success. This past weekend I decided to make another kick at the can; after all, home made bread is a whole lot cheaper and tastier than the stuff you  buy at the store.

So I set myself to it armed with a recipe given to me by my mother years ago for a roll recipe that I modified only slightly. And guess what? It turned out great. Better than great, actually — my girls and Todd both confirmed that they preferred my home made bread over my mothers.

But shhhh! Don’t tell her they said that!

The big lesson here that I’m taking away from this is that sure, making things from scratch does take more time, but when you’re looking to cut costs, it’s definitely the way to go. Convenience often ends up costing us more money.

And you know what? If *I* can make home made bread from scratch without a bread maker, then you can too.

You just might surprise yourself.

Until next time,


The finished product. Declared "better than grandma's!" by my family. Win.

The finished product. Declared “better than grandma’s!” by my family. Win.