Under $20 Date Night


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about Todd and I don’t make a special effort to get out and go on dates like a) we used to and b) we definitely should. We spent a good part of the winter holed up like the rest of the Maritimes, which provided us with a convenient excuse for not going out much. Lately, we’ve sort of fallen into the trap of saying, “Oh, we can’t really afford to go out on dates”.

*cough* Bullcrap! *cough*

The truth is, it’s entirely possible to have dates and not spend a ton of money. After all, it’s about spending time with the one you love, more than how much money you spend on them, amiright? So I came up with the idea of the Under $20 Date Night. The challenge for Todd and I for the next while is to come up with fun, interesting dates for the two of us that cost less than $20. Simple, right? And lucky you, you guys are going to get to read all about our inexpensive dating adventures.

Well…the ‘G’ rated parts anyhow. HA!

Here’s where you can read all about our Under $20 Date Nights:

Groupon and Points Program FTW!



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